About the Artist

IMG_0897I see beauty in unexpected places. My photographic images reflect the beauty I see on rusted metal. Most images are from dumpsters, recycling containers or other rusted metal objects. I appreciate beauty and search for it wherever I am.

Advanced Practice RN, or APRN. As a nurse, and as a healing artist, I have used my passion for creativity, and my love of beauty, to facilitate healing in myself and others. No matter how broken a person is, I see their inner beauty. I encourage patients to see beauty in their own life, and in the world around them. I invite my clients to practice art or creativity as a healing modality. Remembering their creative self is part of their healing process.

Advocacy. All of my life I have aligned with people in need, people whose voices were not heard. I have practiced this through social justice making, through non-profit organizations for elders, for people with emotional disorders, for people falsely accused or incarcerated, for people of color and indigenous peoples. I have supported programs to protect the environment and the earth. Portions of the proceeds from my art sales goes to support these endeavors.

Wisdom University.  In 2008 I graduated from Wisdom University. A major component of my doctorate degree in Wisdom Studies incorporates Art as Mysticism, honoring the contemporary mystic in all of us. This ability to connect to divinity within, through ordinary life experience, is often facilitated by engagement with art. I have also studied Art and Healing with Mary Rockwood Lane, Ph.D, RN, and Michael Samuels, MD, who practice guided imagery and utilize all art forms in their healing practice at the Shands Medical Center in Gainesville, Florida.

F.O.A.tography. In 2006 I experienced a serious injury. When traditional bio-medical modalities were not effective, I was able to control and eliminate my pain through acupuncture treatments. I also found that art was a profound healing force for me during this time. In 2007 I became interested in the patterns of beauty that I saw on rusted metal, and I began photographing these images. I now have a business called F.O.A.tography, capturing the essence of found object art, particularly in rust on painted metal surfaces.